skincare routine

Skincare Routine, It is important to have a skincare routine and follow it daily. You should always stick to your skincare routine to get healthy and flawless skin. Everybody may have a different skincare routine but it is hard to prepare one as there can be confusion regarding the steps...

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10 hair and scalp care tips

10 Hair And Scalp Care Tips, A healthy scalp mean healthy hair and healthy hair is a must if you wanna look fabulous. It is important to take care of both hair and scalp to wear your favorite hairstyles. Our team at Infinity had given 10 tips on taking care...

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makeup tips for dark skin tones

Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Tones, Dark skin tones are a little tricky and require a different approach while doing makeup. In this blog, we have covered a few makeup tips for dark skin tones. Foundation You have to be careful while you choose a foundation for your skin tone....

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10 Summer makeup tips

10 Summer Makeup Tips, Summer is great. Everything looks beautiful and you don’t have to bury yourself under thick jackets. This is the time when you can finally wear your favorite dress and not catch a cold. But there are some cons too. Sweating makes you easily ruin your makeup...

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6 hair growth tips

6 Hair Growth Tips, Hair growth is something that takes patience and discipline. Long hair is often seen as a crown for beauty in India. Although hair growth is a natural process, you can boost it a little bit by providing a suitable environment for it to grow. We have...

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10 Things To Do For Gorgeous Skin

10 things to do for gorgeous Skin

10 Things To Do For Gorgeous Skin, It is really difficult and sometimes frustrating to take care of your hair. It could easily get damaged due to various factors that is why you need to know how to protect your hair. That is why we have prepared a list of...

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Best Salon for Bridal makeup in Varanasi

Infinity Salon is the Best Salon For Bridal Makeup In Varanasi, Bridal makeup is really important for Indian weddings. The bride wants to look like herself and more on such a special day. That is why one must choose the makeup artist very carefully cause not every salon is well...

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Best Beauty Parlour in Varanasi

Best Beauty Parlour In Varanasi, Beauty needs of women are changing but many beauty parlours are just as same as they were years ago. Not every beauty parlour could meet the ends of a customer as each individual has different expectations and needs. In order to be the best beauty...

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