makeup tips for dark skin tones

Makeup Tips For Dark Skin Tones, Dark skin tones are a little tricky and require a different approach while doing makeup. In this blog, we have covered a few makeup tips for dark skin tones.


You have to be careful while you choose a foundation for your skin tone. Your foundation must match the natural skin tone that you have. Sometimes it’s hard to find the exact foundation that matches your skin tone but feel free to mix two shades to get that perfect blend. You can use two shades if you are feeling it. Get a lighter shade and apply it at the center of your face and your natural skin tone for the rest. We recommend using two shades as it will make your face appear bright.

The right color

The secret of looking flawless is using the right color. If you have a dark skin tone, consider using orange/red shades to cover skin imperfections. But you can always try new colors and experiment yourself to find the best color combination for you.


Apply concealer over your eyelids and under the eyes to make it blend with your natural skin tone. It is important to neutralize discoloration of your skin to make it look even and get that flawless look. Use concealer to hide those dark spots that make your skin odd.


Blush your cheeks to make them stand out.  But colors are important here too. Usually darker red, wine, or dark brown colors looks good with dark skin tones but you can conduct your own experiment and find the best one for you.


The bronzer will bring out the right kind of effect on your skin. It can make your skin look bright and fresh. Use a relatively darker bronze and apply it in a C formation. Bronze is applied with a sculpting brush starting at the temples and move along the sides of the face, then forehead and nose, and finally chin.


Having a dark skin stone doesn’t mean you don’t need sunscreen. Sunscreen will protect you from UV rays and sunburn. And a sunburn skin doesn’t look good with any skin tone. Get at least SPF 30 in your sunscreen and you will be good on a sunny day.

Final words

Dark skin tone is not at all similar to other types of skin, therefore requires to be treated differently. Products they show you in ads and other places might not be the right one for you. That is why you should only use the products suitable for your skin type.

Let us know if we missed something. And comment below if you know some more tips.

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