10 Summer makeup tips

10 Summer Makeup Tips, Summer is great. Everything looks beautiful and you don’t have to bury yourself under thick jackets. This is the time when you can finally wear your favorite dress and not catch a cold. But there are some cons too. Sweating makes you easily ruin your makeup and your eyeliner is everywhere but your eyes. Summoning the situation, it gets pretty difficult to protect your makeup and the perfect look.

Here are 10 makeup tips that you will find very helpful in going out during summer.

  1. Oil-free moisturizer

Using an oil-free moisturizer is probably the best thing to do as your face often gets oily during summer. That is why most of the beauty experts prefer a light, oil-free moisturizer during summer. So what are you waiting for? add an oil-free moisturized to your beauty routine during summer now and enjoy the season.

  1. Get UV protected

This one is the most common thing to do during the summer. Harmful rays from the sun can damage your skin very easily. We would recommend you to apply sunscreen every couple of hours. Make sure your sunscreen is with at least SPF 30 or more for proper protection during summer. In this hot summer, you don’t wanna leave your home unprotected.

  1. Primer

Primers are very useful during the time of summer. They are light and holds your makeup pretty well. A primer is applied after applying the moisturizer on your face and makeup comes after the primer. Get yourself a good primer and always use it if you are gonna wear makeup.

  1. Less makeup

Don’t like the sound of that? Well if you want your makeup to survive during this hot and sweaty summer, you probably wanna wear less makeup. Heavy makeup tends to spread in a bad way when it’s hot, so just wear less makeup and you will be alright.

  1. Go waterproof

Yes, go waterproof. Use waterproof products so that you won’t be embarrassed in the middle of the day. Use a waterproof version of your eye products. Cause your normal eyeliner and mascara often get ruined pretty quickly during summer. That is why wear waterproof eyeliners to survive the whole day during summer.

  1. Goodbye to powder blush

Wearing powder blush during hot days will mess up your perfectly applied blush with heat and sweat. Instead, consider using cream blush to keep its glow throughout the day. You should try it once and feel the change.

  1. Make your eyeshadow stay

It is a pain when your eyeshadow gets messed up due to hot weather. So to make your eyeshadow last longer use an eye primer. Eye primer is very useful to protect your eyeshadow during the hot day. You should use a primer if you don’t wanna ruin your whole makeup because of just that.

  1. Use lip stains

Instead of using matte lipsticks that could give you a lip burn during summer, use lip stains. Lip stains are good for your lips and will make it shine when you go out in the sun.

  1. Carry what you need

You never know when you might need to fix your makeup. That is why carry small-sized products in your purse. The best thing to carry would be oil-absorbing sheets as your skin will easily get oily during summer. Carry your products with you and never worry about ruining your makeup.

  1. Apply setting spray

Okay, you have done all your makeup and you are pretty set to go out and enjoy the summer but wait. The final step you could do is apply a setting spray over your makeup to make them last longer. And done. You are good to go now without worrying about your makeup.

It is really hard to manage your makeup during the summer but using all the tips provided above, you could be sure that it will last longer than before. Leave a comment if you have any other tips for summer makeup.

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