10 hair and scalp care tips

10 Hair And Scalp Care Tips, A healthy scalp mean healthy hair and healthy hair is a must if you wanna look fabulous. It is important to take care of both hair and scalp to wear your favorite hairstyles.

Our team at Infinity had given 10 tips on taking care of hair and scalp. Let’s get started then.

  1. Wash your hair

This is an obvious one. But this is first in our list cause it’s really important. You have oil, dirt and other pollutants made up in your hair and scalp. That is why you should always wash your hair frequently. But if you look at the internet, some articles are telling you to wash your hair regularly whereas some are telling you to wash rarely. So, which one is it? Well, it depends on the kind of hair you got. If you got dry hair, you should wash your hair twice a week. But if you got oily hair, wash your hair regularly.

  1. Conditioner over shampoo

Yes, conditioners are better than shampoo. Shampoos contain sulfates that are good to remove pollutants but they can also take away natural nutrients from your scalp resulting in its damage. That is why use conditioners as they protect your scalp from the environment. If you are using shampoo then consider getting a chemical-free one.

  1. Scalp massage

We all love this one, don’t we? A nice massage can take away your stress. Massaging your scalp can help in proper blood circulation. Use a good oil to massage your scalp to get nice strong hair. This can help in hair growth too.

  1. Balanced Diet

You need a proper diet to get the energy that will help your hair grow and become strong. You need vitamins and nutrients to help your hair grow and protect your scalp from damage. You can always get supplements that we are going to discuss later but it is better to get it naturally through a balanced diet.

  1. Vitamins and nutrients supplements

Again, we are gonna recommend getting vitamins and nutrients through your diet but sometimes it’s just not enough for your hair and scalp. You can easily get vitamin tablets from the store that comes in both consumable forms and to apply directly to your hair. Both will work perfectly fine.

  1. Say NO! To colors

When you color your hair, you surely damage it. Hair colors contain chemicals that can harm your scalp resulting the damage of your hair. That is why it is best to just avoid hair colors. People might claim their hair color to be free of any harm but hair color cannot be done without damaging your hair.

  1. Cover your hair

Sun rays and pollution can cause harm to your scalp. To avoid this, cover your head with a hat or something else when you go out. You can also apply a hair protectant to minimize the damage but a hat won’t take away your style.

  1. Wet hair is defenseless

Wet hair can easily break with a little pressure as its roots are soft at the time. Do not rub your wet hair with the towel and don’t comb it. Let it dry out completely before dining anything to it.

  1. Avoid heat

Heat can damage your scalp. Do not use the blow-dryer to dry your hair quickly but instead let it dry out naturally. Use a blow-dryer only if you are in a hurry or getting ready for special occasions. Also washing your hair with cold water instead of hot water can be helpful for your scalp.

  1. Trimming

Trimming is more for your hair than the scalp. Trimming can help get rid of split ends that are damaged due to heat and pollution. Do trimming once every 3 months and you will have healthy hair.

These are a few tips in hair and scalp care. Use these tips and you won’t have to worry about hair and scalp damage.

Let us know if you have some more tips down in the comments.

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